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Re: [jox] Mission statement (was: Request for comments)

Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
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Hi Regarding an opinion opposed to the editorial line - there is no line so far. Like StefanMn said, if someone advocated a POV that was fundamentally opposed to peer production that might be problematic but I think that is unlikely to happen.

I would guess that it's actually extremely likely to happen: there is a well-established position which holds that peer-production is a con designed to extract free labour in support of capitalism, and that modern capitalism actually depends on this free labour. It's hard to say what to do about this: the idea is obviously on-topic, but equally obviously in the context a trolling technique which can potentially bog the journal down in endless for- and against- arguments. Especially as the argument can be associated with theses I feel are proto-fascist (I wrote 'I' because I know not everyone does, but I also know I'm not the only one to feel like this).

There were a couple of cases of this already on the list; I feel we (including me) didn't deal with them well, but don't know how they could have been dealt with better - both cases generated lengthy flames. Maybe collect such articles and reserve them for one particular edition.

(who has been off dealing with family problems but will try to be a bit more present again)

In any case to safeguard the pluralism of views I think dialogue and a case-by-case approach would work best (if someone makes a well-structured argument that someone else on the team disagrees with they can always write a rebuttal).


ps. Michel, you did not indicate whether you wanted to be a reviewer...


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