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Re: [jox] Re: Example journal sites

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Hi Mathieu and Stefan

I ve been reading the journal site discussion about comments on the articles
perhaps the idea to have comments under every article makes more sense
you can have a page that collects all comments together as well if you find
this necessary (perhaps it is to have a more holistic view of whats on)
but i think if one person is interested in the comments of one article they
shouldnt have to go through other comments or look for it in a page full of
comments (that would become very complicated as the years go by even if you
archive them)
i hope i understood your discussion correctly


On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 11:11 PM, Stefan Meretz <stefan> wrote:

Ah, ok, the place to check the comments can differ from the presentation
for the web readers, I guess (at least by mail). We will check.

On 2009-09-15 20:06, Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
"Misleading" seems to say there is the intent to deceive people,
which was not my intent. In the end the information is the same its
just the presentation which differs. Personally I would rather have
one place to check all comments - more convenient - however there is
perhaps the option of having both - comments on each article and also

From: Stefan Meretz <stefan>
Date: Sunday, September 6, 2009 4:29 pm

On 2009-08-28 17:14, Stefan Merten wrote:
3 days ago Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
OK, my point is also that if you have one page for all comments
then it looks better than having 3/4 of the pages empty because
no-one has commented on these articles - I could be wrong.

Valid point. Of course a central comment page {sh,c}ould have
links to the respective articles but that's doable.

This would be very unusual and misleading for the readers. If
see no
problem having articles with no comments. We don't need looking-
fakes -- IMHO.

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