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Accounts created (was: Re: [jox] Plone)

Hi all!

4 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
2 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
 StefanMn: we should in any case prepare for the worst-case scenario (i.e., no immediate help from other projects) and set up a system to start moving. Two options: public or private. I have three submission proposals (one by me and two by others) that could be made publicly, on this list. If however we want to use George's texts, or as a general principle want to be private, we need to set up a private list or a private part of the site. Are any of these options feasible? Just to be clear this is not to set up something permanently, just a solution for now so we can start practising / playing with the review system.

Well, you can start creating pages which are not visible to anyone.
Just make sure that they are kept "private" (i.e. don't "publish"

I'll set up accounts for every mail address on this list during the
weekend and put these accounts into a certain role so the "private"
page can be made visible to this role and - voila - we have a
restricted space available only to members here.

I now created an account for everyone who is currently subscribed to
this list besides two persons I don't know the names of (kostakis.b
and sanjay.sharma11 both at GMail).

All of you should have got an e-mail containing a link to the CSPP
site. You have to follow the link within seven days and enter a
password to complete the account creation. You can then login with the
account. Lookup your name in the table below to find your account
name. I generally used the first initial and the family name for
account names.

I put all of you in the group "Reviewers".

After you logged in you should see the entry `Scientific Committee`_
in the horizontal top level navigation bar close to the top. This is a
folder which is accessible by the group "Reviewers". Thus you should
be able to enter this folder at

.. _Scientific Committee:

I added a folder `Latest Submissions`_. For our trial process the
first step would be to create a *page* there for each submission. Use
the "add new..." menu and select "page". Just make sure you don't
change the "state".

.. _Latest Submissions:

There is also the topic of receiving notification for changes. I'm
looking into a possibility to automatically subscribe a group to all
changes in a certain sub-tree but have not figured out completely how
to do this. If you don't want to wait you can subscribe yourself by
using the "Mail subscription" portlet in the right panel. Make sure
that you subscribe "Scientific Committee" recursively so you get
notifications from the whole sub-tree.

Ah - I hope this makes sense to you and is not too much techno-babble.
If it doesn't make sense feel free to ask.



=== 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< ===

==============  ======================
Account         Name                    
==============  ======================
smerten         Stefan Merten           
moneil          Mathieu O'Neil          
smeretz         Stefan Meretz           
akaratzogianni  Athina Karatzogianni    
mbauwens        Michel Bauwens          
csiefkes        Christian Siefkes       
rvictor         Raoul Victor            
gseaman         Graham Seaman           
gdafermos       George Dafermos         
fnahrada        Franz Nahrada           
rackland        Robert Ackland          
abruckman       Amy Bruckman            
ldahlberg       Lincoln Dahlberg        
mallen          Matthew Allen           
dberry          David M. Berry          
ahalavais       Alex Halavais           
jpickerill      Jenny Pickerill         
jsoderberg      Johan Söderberg         
fstalder        Felix Stalder           
tterranova      Tiziana Terranova       
bwhitworth      Brian Whitworth         
gcoleman        Gabriella Coleman       
gmichaelides    George Michaelides      
awittel         Andreas Wittel          
tprug           Tony Prug               
esteinmueller   Ed Steinmueller         
amurphie        Andrew Murphie          
eschraube       Ernst Schraube          
slindgren       Simon Lindgren          
mteli           Maurizio Teli           
mfuster         Mayo Fuster Morell      
==============  ======================

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