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Re: [jox] Plone

Hi Mathieu and all!

2 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
 Toni Prug: you may have missed a previous message I sent in which amongst other things StefanMn and I were wondering about how the parallel peer review projects you are involved in were progressing? We were thinking that if good progress was being made elsewhere there seemed little point in us "re-inventing the wheel" and that it might be possible for us to use any insights and architectures for our project? Thanks for advising.

In any case: I guess Toni's project will take some time to mature.
Since they use Plone technology it should be easy to install versions,

@Toni: This is a great opportunity to have beta testers for your

 StefanMn: we should in any case prepare for the worst-case scenario (i.e., no immediate help from other projects) and set up a system to start moving. Two options: public or private. I have three submission proposals (one by me and two by others) that could be made publicly, on this list. If however we want to use George's texts, or as a general principle want to be private, we need to set up a private list or a private part of the site. Are any of these options feasible? Just to be clear this is not to set up something permanently, just a solution for now so we can start practising / playing with the review system.

Well, you can start creating pages which are not visible to anyone.
Just make sure that they are kept "private" (i.e. don't "publish"

I'll set up accounts for every mail address on this list during the
weekend and put these accounts into a certain role so the "private"
page can be made visible to this role and - voila - we have a
restricted space available only to members here.



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