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Re: [jox] Re: Skins for the journal site

Hi all!

Yesterday Stefan Merten wrote:
Sorry, but the poll page won't happen this evening. As usual there are
a couple of Plone products for polls/surveys and it is somewhat hard
to decide which one to use. My current favorites are

I tried them out. Here is a short summary.

* CMFQuestionnaire

Nice but little functionality. Questionnaires can be only filled out
when made public.

* Plone PoPoll

A small tool for a single, possibly multiple-choice question. AFAICS
the poll can be made a portlet. Useful for general, simple questions
but not for what we need here.

* Plone Survey

*The* solution! A feature rich tool to create detailed surveys.
Includes a number of question types including matrix questions. Has
sophisticated features like sub-surveys which are triggered only when
a certain question had been answered with a certain answer.

For the scientists here: if I were you and make surveys I'd definitely
look into this!

There is also a (slightly outdated but still useful) PDF
documentation. Follow the link on

I'll activate this tool this week and set up a survey similar to

If anybody wants to make another preselection then please get back to
me soon.



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