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Re: [jox] Suggested Site Structure

Hi Mathieu and all!

Last week (9 days ago) Mathieu ONeil wrote:
OK, well here is a shot at a site structure. I tried to keep it logical and simple. Thanks for comments.

My cents.

I'm focusing on the content area of the pages - i.e. the big middle
column in the layout. The contents in the left and right columns - the
portlets I mentioned in an earlier mail - need to be discussed


[front page]

critical studies in peer production

call  research  opinion   reports   journal

I understand that this list should be the navigation bar at the top -

Any content for the front page? I'd suggest the mission statement
until we have something suitable for this.


[call page: all info on one page]

critical studies in peer production: call for submissions

=mission statement
==[text as in current cfp]

As noted above I'd put the mission statement to the front page.

=submission guidelines
==[text as in current cfp]

For more information on our open peer review process, go <here[peer review]>



[research page: list leads to papers or streams sub-pages]

critical studies in peer production: research 

These long papers focus on key facets of peer production, and report substantial findings. They have been peer reviewed.

So this would be the core of the journal - right?

=wikipedia stream
==[wp001] <title>
==[wp002] <title>

=political theory stream
==[pt001] <Merten & Meretz, Germ Form Theory> [under review]
==[pt001] <title>

=governance stream

That would mean that you are introducing a topic based folder system
at this level. Can be done but technically it could be done by the
category system I mentioned a while ago.

As topics I'd use the list we have defined in the mission statement:

  the political economy of peer production; peer production and
  expertise; critical theory and peer production; peer production and
  exchange; peer production and social movements; peer production as
  an alternative to capitalism; peer production and capitalist
  cooptation; governance in peer projects; peer production and ethics;
  the peer production of hardware; peer production and feminism; peer
  production, industry and ecology.

Probably without the "peer production" phrase.


[opinion page: list leads to subpages for papers]

critical studies in peer production: opinion 

These shorter papers aim to stimulate debate by confronting ideas and perspectives.

Does an opinion section really make sense for CSPP? I thought we are
doing something close to a research journal and mere opinions IMHO are
not suited well for this. Also there are a couple of options where
such opinions can be posted - preferably on the `Oekonux list`_ of
course - and make far more sense.

.. _Oekonux list


[reports page: lists lead to subgroup or submission subpages]

critical studies in peer production: reports

These pages offer accounts of peer production events and conferences, interviews with participants and reviews.

==[cf001] Niesyto, Critical Point Of View - Bangalore/Amsterdam.
==[cf002] Fuster Morell, Free Culture Forum - Barcelona [I think this is right - Mayo?]
==[cf003] Karatzogianni, VIRT3C - Hull.

Ok. But what we definitely need also is an events section where
upcoming events are posted. I tried this out for the Oekonux site and
it is really a great feature.

==[bp001] <title>

These would be reviews of such material - right?

=free spaces
==[fs001] <title>

What is this for?


[journal page: list leads to subpages]

critical studies in peer production: journal

These pages describe the process through which the journal is produced.

=peer review
== research
== other

== editor
== governance board
== scientific committee

=email list


That would be the more organizational section then. Ok.



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