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[jox] Clarification: review process

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Hi all

Following a request here is a short reminder of how our peer review process is different from the usual journal system.

1. Authors are not anonymous but reviewers are anonymous.
People who submit papers can not be not anonymous since submissions are openly discussed on the list. However reviewers should be anonymous at first at least - so they can be as candid as they want without any personal aggro happening... 
2. The review process is the same as everywhere else.
-editor sends paper for review
-reviewers write opinion about paper
-editor transmits these to author
-author decides whether to revise paper based on recommendations and sends back (more or less) revised paper to editor

The difference is (1) and: 
-the  (more or less) revised paper is rated with signals by the reviewers (and possibly the editor); then the author decides whether to publish or not  
A detailed description can be found at:

This includes suggested categories for initial peer review and suggested categories for signaling.

Hope this helps to clarify, please point out any issues.


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