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[jox] Re: Special issue for CSPP: critical theory

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Dear Mathieu and Anthina,

I'm honoured to be invited, and I think its the way to go - to target/invite 
people individually rather than a general invitation. However, I had already 
thought about this and cannot undertake the project right now. I'm not only 
overly committed at present but I'm also too burnt out from recent co-editing 
projects. I just couldn't face another such project in the short-term. When I do 
get more inspired I would look to edit with someone through a face-to-face 
collaboration or maybe as sole editor. If you feel inspired Athina, why not do 
the project as the sole editor, or lead-editor with someone you are in contact 
with or have already worked with, it would probably be easier to coordinate than 
working with another at a distance, and of course with advise from all those on 
the journal (I would be very careful about who to invite as a contributor, 
rather than sending a general call out, get the contributors right and it should 
be fairly straight forward, get it wrong and its horrible, as you will probably 

thanks and best

From: Mathieu ONeil <mathieu.oneil>
To: l.j.dahlberg
Sent: Wed, 20 April, 2011 5:46:54 PM
Subject: Special issue for CSPP: critical theory

Dear Lincoln-

After discussion with Athina we came to the conclusion that having "too many 
cooks" for CSPP special issues or themes would be counter-productive, best keep 
it to two people. 

So, based on our previous interactions and on your area of expertise we would 
like to formally invite you to jointly be in charge with Athina of a special 
issue of CSPP on peer production and critical theory.

There would need to be a short para. describing exactly what aspects, questions 
are seen as particularly interesting.

We know you are busy but feel that you would be the very best choice. 

Thanks for letting us know what you think,

All best,

Mathieu & Athina

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