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Re: [jox] Research paper: template for PDF versions

Hi all,

On 05/19/2011 09:49 AM, Mathieu ONeil wrote:
 Nate: good point. 
The pain is that if we want to have footnotes at the bottom of each page in the PDF we might need to have two versions of the paper: one with normal footnotes in the PDF and one with square brackets (for example) that we will need to convert to html - though I admit I should first double-check how the CMS converts footnotes from docs. Having two versions means every modifications has to be done twice.

reStructuredText <> is great for
converting a single source file (in a plaintext-like format) to output in
various formats: html, pdf (via latex), odt, epub etc. Maybe that would be
an option that would prevent having to maintain two versions side-by-side...

Best regards

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