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Re: [jox] Debrief and clarification process

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Hi all

The following - choosing between encouraging the publication of drafts of submissions or making such publication mandatory with possible exceptions - strikes me as an important decision and I strongly encourage everyone, and particularly those who have actively contributed to the project or are in the process of doing so, to weigh in now. Once these decisions are made they tend to be hard to modify.


i don't think
it's as straight forward a decision as its taken. i would 
personally rather
strongly encourage it, but not force it as a condition for 

i agree there are situations in which exceptions would make sense.
we can make publishing draft the default, with a note that if 
authors requests so and gives us a reason, we will not publish 
the draft. in those cases, we could publish a reason author 
gives instead of the draft. that's another option.

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