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Hi all

Maurizio supported the creation of a thread on the Review section so here it is. Its true that it would need some work but like the Debate section, Reports are an independent module that can be filled with content or not. So if people feel inspired to do something they will. Regarding obtaining books from publishers I don't have the energy to do that directly but could probably get some from a monthly magazine I sometimes do reviews for and I'm sure some of the academics on this list can get books ordered from their uni libraries.

In my view we should use this section as an opportunity to talk about whoever or whatever we feel is relevant to peer production.*

In that spirit I have been contemplating writing a review of the Correspondence of Guy Debord (6-7 volumes) which I don't think many non-French speakers have had access to. I see it as relevant to CSPP both in terms of substance (the work of negation) but also in organisational terms as Debord sort of played the role of "maintainer" in for the Lettrists and Situationists and there is much evidence of that in the letters. Finally there is still a lot of interest in Debord and the SI (several books published this year) but I am not sure that they address the question of the practical legacy of these groups.



*I have a pretty open mind about what that covers but I have to say that I would be uncomfortable with anything that had a (for want of a better word) "spiritual" or "religious" dimension, I would much prefer it if we stuck to the material realm.


-Reports/Reviews section
In the first issue we had two conference reports. This time I think it would be good to have some book reviews. I could try to do one or two. If anyone has any suggestions that would be good. 

In particular if anyone has read Christian Fuch's latest book "Foundations of Critical Media and Information Studies"? I have not read it but I think it would be highly relevant to review it for CSPP.

A book review section is a good idea, and I agree that Fuch's book can
be a good starting point

Nevertheless, a book review section requires a good amount of work (e.g.
contacts with the publishers to get the book for free, or assigning
books and supervising the submission of reviews with the right

Finally if someone is interested in being "Book review editor" that could a good way to develop this - any takers? 
We can start a new thread about this.

good idea about a specific thread


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