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Re: [jox] Message from Jean Zin on peer production

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let's translate the rational position of Stefan, who accuses people who
favor open currencies to be antisemites, as he did Matteo Pasquanelly for
calling capitalism 'parasitical' ..

1) peer production applies to everything, but god forbid, not too money,
which has to remain the exclusive domain of private banks and the state, in
other words, only capitalist money is allowed

2) discussing this is very dangerous; therefore, discussion about the topic
has to be intimated away

3) the author also has a very clear notion of what reality says, therefore,
discussion is unnecessary anyway, just take his word for it

4) the author is not content with intimidating people on the list he
manages, but also wants to make clear that this applies to the journal, as
executive order

Obviously, different positions are possible for this:

1) that the creation of complementary currencies is entirely possible, and
that historical experience has shown that they have mostly positive effects
for the communities that use them

2) that debating this is part of freedom of expression


On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 4:52 PM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Hi Mathieu!

5 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
As mentioned, I contacted french writer Jean Zin who writes
regularly for EcoRev

It's a pity that the French do not take part in international
discussions just because they can't use their mother tongue then...

If anyone would like to add to that please feel free to respond
quite soon, I will incorporate contributions and post a draft
response letter to this list.

Here is my cent.

Hello and thank you for the proposal, however, if I support P2P and
like Michel Bauwens in particular, I am far from sharing the P2P
Utopia specifically with regard to currencies and politics.

Please make clear that peer production has *nothing* to do with
currencies. Reality shows this very clearly. To mix the currency topic
with peer production is an absurd and (for peer production dangerous)
path taken by the P2P Foundation.



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