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Special issue on FLOSS (was: Re: [jox] Journal report - 19 August 2011)

Hi StefanMz!

Last week (12 days ago) Stefan Meretz wrote:

Perhaps a productive way to move this issue forward would be to
articulate the different positions in a formal "Debate" section
which would appear in the next issue, in December. There could be a
statement by StefanMn and/or StefanMz on why he/they think peer
production transcends current analytical categories and Maurizio
and/or someone else could write a response.

I like to do that.

I welcome this very much.

Since StefanMn is quite busy on his job,

Not only this. I'm also not sure where this project heads to and I
don't want to spend my remaining energy on a potentially dead horse.

I would also 
do this on my own. Obviously it would my perspective, and I think I will 
address some different points as StefanMn possibly would do, but I share 
the general theses: main current analytical categories do not apply (but 
some do).

It would be perfectly ok with me if you do it. May be I even find the
energy to improve it. For instance I guess I can help with finding
proper English to express things.



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