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Re: [jox] A response to Michel and Jakob

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Am 15.03.2012 13:06, schrieb Michel Bauwens:
In case of IBM I would say that they devaluate one market
(software), to keep another market (hardware).

hmm... I don't think IBM is in the hardware business in any serious
way, they are a service company

It's both.

But, as I mentioned before this does not erase the
non/capitalist logic of p2p. P2p is a new mode of production
and it is our task to discovers its regimes of value.

Hm, I would say the core of peer prodcution has no regime of
value, even if it acts in a alien framework of value.

it's about use value, so there is value, but does that mean there
is no regime of value, could it not have 'another regime of value'

Not in the Marxian sense, I would say. In a more metaphoric sense:
Yes, we value each other and peer production very much.

We already had this controversy: IMHO use value does only exist in
accompaniment with value (=abstract value). Use value is the carrier
of value. Both are the two sides of the same coin. If we get rid of
value, we also get rid of use value. What remains is utility. But yes,
this is my special thing, others including Marx assume, that use value
exist transhistorically. In my view, it is a categorial fault.

But I understand what you mean, the sole existence of "use value" is
the source of your broad notion of value. It is completely logic and
hard to reject from a perspective of a transhistorical notion of use


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