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Re: [jox] A response to Michel and Jakob


On 03/18/2012 10:19 PM, Hans-Gert Gräbe wrote:
Hence, surely only a part of Marxian value theory can be "a specific theory
for capitalism". The more, what is capitalism, if there is capitalism after
"the end of capitalims as we know it" (E.Altvater)?

we already know that for you it's "capitalism all the way down" (as Stephen
Hawking would put it), i.e. for you *every* (or at least every future)
society is essentially capitalistic -- value-based, somehow profit-driven
etc. Their's no need in forcing your point by repeating the same shallow
arguments again and again.

Best regards

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Wie passen Leute wie wir, die offizielle Stellungen fliehen wie die Pest,
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"Partei", d.h. eine Bande von Eseln, die auf uns schwört, weil sie uns für
ihresgleichen hält?
        -- Friedrich Engels an Karl Marx, Brief vom 13. Februar 1851

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