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Re: [jox] A response to Michel and Jakob

Hi Jakob,

On 03/20/2012 10:42 AM, Jakob Rigi wrote:
I have an article which speculates about  how a fully fledged p2p society
will work. Michel, Matheiu (ONeil), and Johan Soderberg have seen a draft. A
few other people now have read article, too, including Orsan.  Actually
Michel passed it to Orsan. Now part of this article will be published in the
Journal Of Peer Production,  which I hope will take off soon. The other part

I hope so too, since I too have written an article for the journal which was
supposed to be published sometime in December and it still not published!
Not a pleasant situation at all...

which outlines the working of p2p society is not published yet.
Now, I have questions.
First, if  I post my  article in this mailing list, will that prevent me to
publish it later in academic Journal?

if you post the article here, it will be visible on the web, since there is
a public archive at . I guess
it really depends on the journal whether or not they accept such prior
informal "publication."

Second, what are the rule of recognition among the members of this mailing
list? Asume x formulates an original idea for the first time in this
exchange or  in an unpublished manuscript which is posted here or  passed to
some people who are the members of this list. Then Y includes this idea in a
publication. Is Y obliged to recognize that x is the origin of the idea?
In the academic world this is the practice, and I think recognition will
remain a core aspect of p2p.  I

Yes, I believe giving proper attribution is self-evident both in the
academic world and in the world of peer production, so I wouldn't worry
about it. Also, if you send the article to this list, it will show up in the
public archive so you could "proof" that and when you send it here (provided
the archive stays publicly accessible, which I very much hope!).

Best regards

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