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Re: [jox] p2p and market

Hi Michel,

Am 30.03.2012 12:02, schrieb Michel Bauwens:
The "enemy" is present also in your mailings, so your point needs more
explanation. Do we need a story about "an enemy" at all and if, what is an
"imaginary enemy" compared to a "real (?) one"? Since, as far as I
understand the story, no one has seen "the enemy" personally?

that is the problem in a distributed Empire isn't it .. .it's a system, a
structure, and we all have our place in it ... so perhaps, enemies and
allies are more contextual?

I have no idea what you are about. What is "a distributed Empire"? My point of no understanding was, that on the one hand you punish and on the other hand use a quite militant wording (about "enemies").

I can well imagine that out there "it's a system, a structure, and we all have our place in it", although I think, it is a developing system, a permanently changing structure, so "have our place in it" is in my story tellings not the right way to explain that embedding. See my remarks on the 11th Feuerbach thesis earlier on this list.

Now, to explain your story about "enemies" you bring into the talk the "allies". I well understand that people and structures are out there where it is good to get in contact with to raise synergies - if getting together is more than the sum of the parts - and out there are peoples and structures where that will not be the case, so it is not interesting (in the very restricted sense of "Selbstentfaltung") to get in contact with them - but "enemies"?

What do you mean with "more contextual"? In one context those are "enemies" and these are "allies" and in another context in the opposite? Yes, this happens quite often, in particular in hierarchical contexts, that people who seem to be "enemies" in a narrow context are identified as allies (in the just specified sense) in a wider context. It is one of the core Marxian (and Hegelian) aims to cope with that observation - they try to capture that using the terms "surface" and "essence" - so, indeed, I have no idea what you are writing about ...

The more since your remark about the "imaginary enemy" was in reply to the attempt of Christian to close here a certain branch of discussion using a well known (to me) marxistic approach. So it has a very strong impact on our further discussion itself ...



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