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[ox-en] Re: Critique on "Robert Kurz * Die universelle Harry-Potter-Maschine"

Stefan Merten wrote:

Last week (9 days ago) josx wrote:
There some texts about Kurz that critics free software movement.


Well, this is all so stupid and especially for the parts referring to
Free Software the best insight from this text is that Kurz does not
know what he is talking about.

I once kind of admired Kurz. Today I think he is a tragic figure. It
is hard to witness such a decline :-( .

I don't find the article as a whole so stupid. At the end, yes, it
degenerates into random insults, a bizarre accusation of anti-semitism,
and demonstrations of ignorance about software; but I think it also
contains real criticisms which need answering. Partly because I agree
with some of them - I wrote almost exactly the same comments as him
about fabbers to Stefan Mz. I did like the line about poor artists
<em>and theorists</em> not being paid properly for their work - who
could he be thinking of? ;-)

A separate question: at the end he quotes Sloterdijk; has he really
become close to Sloterdijk, or is that just a convenient quote?

PS I will write a separate mail about one of Stefan Mn's comments on
Kurz to follow this one...


Contact: projekt

Contact: projekt

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