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Re: Copyfarleft (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: Critique on "Robert Kurz * Die universelle Harry-Potter-Maschine")

El Thursday 29 November 2007 12:53:31 Stefan Meretz escribió:
 Main points of my critique are:

The text is theoretically weak. Kleiner arbitrarily mixes "work"
and "work force", "value" and "price", "rent"(?) and "profit" (about on
the level of Ricardo and Lasalle). He attacks copyleft, because he does
not understand the function of copyleft. He attacks property, but not
because he is against property, but he want to see property in workers
hands operating the same way as capitalists do. He doesn't want to
touch the logic of making more money from money. Thus he has no
understanding of alienation. He doesn't want to touch exchange. Etc.
Finally he has no understanding of what free software is. A somewhat
radical attitude with an affirmative theoretical content behind. In no
way comparable with oekonux.

Sorry for being so harsh.


No problem Stefan, sometimes It is better to be harsh.
In this thread I have read that Kleiner and Kurz dont understand what free 
software is. 
Who knows what is free software? The germ form?
Maybe do you mind they miss the practice level?
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