The texts listed here where developed in the context of Project Oekonux. The latest texts are listed at the top.

Note: The list below does not list German texts. For German texts go to TexteRemote link on the German site.

Note: There are more English texts and sound recordings in the documentation section of the Oekonux Conferences (1stRemote link, 2ndRemote link, 3rdRemote link).

Original texts


Completed translations





Translation projects

How can I help?

Because most of the Oekonux project started in German most of the material is available in German only. You would do the world a big favour if you are able to take part in the translation work. The easiest way to help is to take part in a translation. Please refer to the home page of the Oekonux translator community in the Oekonux WikiRemote link at http://en.wiki.oekonux.org/Oekonux/TranslationProjectsRemote link.

OpenTheory Translation projects

We set up a number of translation projectsRemote link as OpenTheoryRemote link projects. This structure makes time and space distributed translation easy.

Note: You may help here if you understand German and are able to translate a few paragraphs once in a while. Just click on the link kommentieren link and type the translation of the paragraph into the edit box which is appearing then.