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Subscribtion of reviewers (was: [jox] New submissions and reviewing)

Hi all!

Yesterday Stefan Merten wrote:
6 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
I think it could be good practice to let everyone on this list know whenever people post a substantive paper / comment on the website? What do others think?

That is part of what I addressed by

  6 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
There is also the topic of receiving notification for changes. I'm
looking into a possibility to automatically subscribe a group to all
changes in a certain sub-tree but have not figured out completely how
to do this. If you don't want to wait you can subscribe yourself by
using the "Mail subscription" portlet in the right panel. Make sure
that you subscribe "Scientific Committee" recursively so you get
notifications from the whole sub-tree.

Group subscription to a subtree is somewhat difficult - I'm just
asking the developer of the notification tool how he meant his

Finally I got the right idea! Now I know how to subscribe a certain
role to a certain subtree in Plone. I'll subscribe the ``Reviewers``
role to the ``scientific-committee`` subtree when I'm back online.

However, it is easy to set up a fake account with the email address of
this list and this way subscribe this whole list to change
notifications. I just did this so changes are at least sent here [#]_.
( Mathieu: Password for user `mlist` is the same as for the mailing

.. [#] Normally this is considered bad practice because subscriptions
   like this should not be done by a mailing list. But at the moment
   it is probably better this way.

I'll remove this facility then.



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