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[jox] New submissions and reviewing (was: Re: Accounts created)

Hi Mathieu and all!

6 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
I have entered a submission in the indicated part of website - more of an activist text so not realy ripe for formal review. I think what is needed is critique and comments though.

And a way to do this properly. There are mainly these ways which come
to my mind:

1. Use the comments feature

   Plone has a comment feature. At the end of each page you can add a
   comment. This allows replies to comments also. However, this makes
   it hard to refer to a particular part of the reviewed text. Also
   AFAICS comments are not subscribeable so new comments are not sent
   by email.

2. Add a `Talk` page

   We could add a `Talk` page to each submission like the `Talk` page
   in Wikipedia. Again it is a bit difficult to refer to particular

3. Make comments in the submission

   This would mean that the original submission is edited by the
   reviewers. Could be done but clutters the original submission. In
   any case a reviewer must leave a signature or so.

4. Make comments in a copy of the submission

   We could simply copy a submission to another page and ask for
   comments there. That would leave the original intact but allows for
   comments in the appropriate places. Again reviewers need to leave a
   signature so it is clear who made what comment.

I think option 4 is the best one.

The more I think about it the more I believe that responses, dialogue between authors, joint statements etc are what we can contribute to the peer production discussion, on top of peer reviewed papers natch!

Yes - like Tony suggested.

I think it could be good practice to let everyone on this list know whenever people post a substantive paper / comment on the website? What do others think?

That is part of what I addressed by

  6 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
  > There is also the topic of receiving notification for changes. I'm
  > looking into a possibility to automatically subscribe a group to all
  > changes in a certain sub-tree but have not figured out completely how
  > to do this. If you don't want to wait you can subscribe yourself by
  > using the "Mail subscription" portlet in the right panel. Make sure
  > that you subscribe "Scientific Committee" recursively so you get
  > notifications from the whole sub-tree.

Group subscription to a subtree is somewhat difficult - I'm just
asking the developer of the notification tool how he meant his

However, it is easy to set up a fake account with the email address of
this list and this way subscribe this whole list to change
notifications. I just did this so changes are at least sent here [#]_.
( Mathieu: Password for user `mlist` is the same as for the mailing

.. [#] Normally this is considered bad practice because subscriptions
   like this should not be done by a mailing list. But at the moment
   it is probably better this way.



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