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[jox] Re: Making pieces visible

Hi Mathieu!

6 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
In my opinion the site is not ready yet to go live and include
content: the structure and layout still need work, as outlined in my
message to the technical list last week. 

I'll work on it.

Re. sub-categories, I indicated in that same email that the existing
ones such as theory and activist are too general,

Well, I took them from the names of the folders you created.

and that we should
use some of those presented in the CFP instead.


They don't all need to be there, of course... We could take out expertise for example - the others seem quite different; if there is consensus I can edit the page mentioned below.

Go ahead. Then I can do the necessary tweaks for the collections.

Please also note that none of this is carved into stone. It's rather
easy to change the categories unless you have hundreds of pages.

Also, I'd find it useful to tag the pieces located directly under

could be tagged by these categories.



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