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[jox] Attention reviewers! final stage of peer review process

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Hi all

OK, I have not had the final copy edits back yet but I thought I would get the ball rolling anyway, so I posted the revised version of my sociology of critique on wikipedia paper to the site.

Its in the restricted [scientific-committee] section of the site:

If anyone wants to have a look and give some feedback - particularly about section 6 on research ethics - that would be great. I opened up SC membership accounts for Alessandro and Vincenzo.

For the reviewers:
We are sort of stepping into unknown theory here. I suppose the three reviewers should have a look at this and see if they reckon it's OK. If there are any major issues please let your corresponding editor (Athina) know and she will inform me, or if you want to waive your anonymity let me know direct. 

Next we come to the fun bit: ratings!! 

Now I don't have a brilliant technical solution that would make them look good right away. This was high on my wish list but never got done. There are systems like this page with a column on the right of the screen:

But I don't know how to copy that onto the site and in any case we have a dozen categories, not two, so could get messy real quick.

By the way the categories ("Suggested categories for signaling") are here:

So the best I can say is: could the three reviewers please signal yes/no and send to Athina who will collate and pass it on, then we will find a way to paste it next to the paper.

Many thanks for your wonderful work - we are almost there!



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