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[jox] Relation between CSPP and Oekonux (was: Re: Ridiculous arguments)

Hi Nate and all!

Thanks for your thoughts. All valid and important. They had deserved a
better subject, though ;-) .

Today nathaniel tkacz wrote:
- I think the journal needs to distance itself from ox. It is not a journal
about oekonux, and it doesn't rely on oekonux for its existence or energy.
We can get another server going and move the content somewhere else. That
said, Stefan and whoever else from oekonux have obviously been super
important and done a great job in helping everything get started. Oekonux
members are very welcome, but do not hold more authority or esteem simply
because of that association. The project/journal should not feel held back
by its connection to oekonux.

Let me be clear here. I always thought of this journal being
independent of Oekonux. It's nice that it has been inspired by Oekonux
but IMHO that's it. The term "hosted by Oekonux" expresses the
relation quite nicely IMO.

When I relate to Oekonux and some of the thoughts developed there I'm
doing this as an average member of the journal project - and not as
the maintainer of Oekonux.

So, if Mathieu decides to move on to another platform that's perfectly
fine with me. Sometimes I feel he has a problem with that relation but
I consider this being his thing.

Similarly: As the maintainer of Oekonux and its ressources I need to
step in when I feel that the journal project works against the
interests of Oekonux. In that case I'd discuss this on the Oekonux
project list. So far this is not the case.



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