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Re: Ridiculous arguments (was: [jox] Journal report - 19 August 2011)

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Hi Stefan

I understand you are probably still upset that the publication / peer process is not  more distributed or transparent. If there is a way for people to post for examples reviews and remain 100% anonymous, fine. If you want to experiment with ways to do that that do not affect the journal's work, fine.


I have consistently tried to offer you a platform to _say what you think_. I fail to see how this is "building strawmen".
I have consistently tried to achieve consensus from the community.
I have consistently encouraged all to express themselves freely.
I have consistently tried to be as fair and open as possible, both on and offlist.

I dare you to bring up any issue that contradicts this.

If there is anything _real_ or _concrete_ that you want to raise, go right ahead. But if all you want to do is vent your spleen at things not going exactly how you want, then I would request that you maintain these feelings where they belong, in your mind, and not on this list, as they are _not helping_. This is causing me stress and anxiety and I am tired of it.

Some of the statements below are bordering on the pathological. What have I done "behind the scenes"? I merely pointed out that only StefanMz had supported your position - that is the _reality_ of what happened. How is this "setting up parties"? What "other stuff" do you mean? This is grotesque name-calling and bullying. 


Thanks for the offer but after building up strawmen and front lines
above this sounds somewhat strange...

Mathieu, this project started after the fourth Oekonux Conference and
I understood that it's goal is to keep this spirit. My impression is
that you are fighting this spirit behind the scenes - like with
setting up parties and using ridiculous arguments like above but also
with other stuff.

Mathieu, if you want to make CSPP (or how you are going to call it
tomorrow) something which contradicts Oekonux then this is your
decision I have to respect. From a few seasoned leftists during all
these years I heard things like "Oekonux is something which restores
hope - *although* it is not the same old stuff!". In fact this is why
I like Oekonux and it's spirit. If you want to move this project to
the same old, same old then you should make this clear ASAP. Then
everyone here can make a decision on how to proceed. BTW: A mixture of
same old and new open-mindedness seems stupid to me because it doesn't
serve anybody really.



Dr Mathieu O'Neil
Adjunct Research Fellow
Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
College of Arts and Social Science
The Australian National University
email: mathieu.oneil[at]

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