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Re: [jox] Light (was: Re: Lies)

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the nazi epistemology, or antisemitic epistemology is a very complex set of
interlocking ideas, and it's easy to find any particular part in it, find it
in others, and conclude erronesously that they have an anti-semitic
epistemology ...

That Hitler was a vegetarian, doesn't make vegetarians anti-semites; that
Matteo uses biological language, in a very conscious way, may be discussable
in many ways, but doesn't make it it an antisemitic structure

similarly there are many people making distinctions between productive
capital and predatory capital, or criticising financial capital, which in no
way makes them using epistemological antisemites

you  have to look at the whole assemblage

it's a bit convenient to hide between Jakob's defense, especially when you
really stress in the first paragraph, that 'this is no accident', in other
words, you really make the charge,


On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 10:08 PM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Hi Jakob, Michel, all!

Sorry for this but this will be my last post about this topic.

@Mathieu: Thanks for digging for this piece. Now everyone who is
interested can make up his/her mind.

Yesterday Jakob Rigi wrote:
To be fair Stefan charges Mathieu of using
an anti-semetic structure in distinguishing between individual workers
and big capitalists. In my interpretation Stefan does not say that
Mathieu expresses politically an anti-semetic attitude but he claims
that Mathieu uses an anti-semetic epistemology .


Jakob got the point exactly. Thanks for pointing this out.

You can criticize me
for using a sexit or racist epistemology without meaning that I am
either sexist or racist.


I only can hope that Michel reads this and finds a chance to
understand it. It really hurts me that someone who I once considered a
friend thinks the way he is writing here :-( .



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