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[jox] Light (was: Re: Lies)

Hi Jakob, Michel, all!

Sorry for this but this will be my last post about this topic.

@Mathieu: Thanks for digging for this piece. Now everyone who is
interested can make up his/her mind.

Yesterday Jakob Rigi wrote:
To be fair Stefan charges Mathieu of using
an anti-semetic structure in distinguishing between individual workers
and big capitalists. In my interpretation Stefan does not say that
Mathieu expresses politically an anti-semetic attitude but he claims
that Mathieu uses an anti-semetic epistemology .


Jakob got the point exactly. Thanks for pointing this out.

You can criticize me
for using a sexit or racist epistemology without meaning that I am
either sexist or racist.


I only can hope that Michel reads this and finds a chance to
understand it. It really hurts me that someone who I once considered a
friend thinks the way he is writing here :-( .



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