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Re: [jox] Critical Studies in Peer production or Critical Studies in Commons Production?

Hi Mathieu, all!

5 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
In this regard, the fact that the journal is called Critical Studies in
Peer Production (CSPP) is starting to bother me a little, because it
puts, in my view, too much emphasis on the _process_ (peer production,
which is to certain extent dependent on, and enmeshed in capitalism)
rather than on the sought-after _result_ of the process, the production of
commons. So I am wondering if a more appropriate title for the journal might not
be Critical Studies in Commons Production (CSCP)? 

I share the points made by others in favor of "peer production".

In addition I'd like to make the following point: The topic of commons
seems to me like being the current hype among leftists. I don't follow
the debate close enough but in that debate I saw mixing of ancient
concepts with peer production. This doesn't help peer production or an
understanding of it.

In addition: Hypes like this cool down and then they are yesterday's
news which are not relevant any more. I don't think the journal has
deserved this fate and thus should not use a current hype which
vanishes in a few years.

Using "commons production" would blur the topic of the journal which
IMHO would help nobody.

I'd also like to emphasize that "(commons-based) peer production"
meanwhile is a rather well-established notion for what this journal is
(or was?) about.



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