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[jox] Re: Ridiculous arguments

Hi Stefan and all,

On 09/05/2011 12:20 PM, Stefan Merten wrote:
Mathieu, if you want to make CSPP (or how you are going to call it
tomorrow) something which contradicts Oekonux then this is your
decision I have to respect.

what do you mean by "contradicts Oekonux"? Do you mean: "it contradicts my
point of view"? While you are the founder of Oekonux, it seems a bit
presumptuous to equate your POV with the Oekonux position -- and
contradicting opinions have always been a part of ox.

Oekonux is first and foremost a mailing list and a place for discussions and
learning, so people with vastly different POVs must be allowed and welcome
here -- everything else would certainly be very much against the spirit of
the project. So I don't think it is helpful to tell people how they are
allowed to think and how not, and trying to send those away that don't think
the way you like.

Best regards

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