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Re: [jox] News from Slack

Hi Mathieu, all!

Last week (7 days ago) Mathieu ONeil wrote:
and that every-four-year event that captivates some and leaves others shaking their heads...

Well, Ghana is out - though very close and unfortunate. Thus there is
nothing interesting in this event any more :-( .

-tech journal list. Stefan Merten, Stefan Meretz, Toni Prug, George Dafermos and me are on it. I guess that makes us the journal tech team. I had more time a couple months ago, right now I'm busy writing so not sure when I will be able to get back into it. Hopefully in a couple weeks things will be more quiet.

I'll continue there so we can hopefully move forward there.

  -submitted research article by Merten and Meretz. I have had two reviews in, still waiting for the third one. Will contact this reviewer to remind him/her of sacred duty. The question will then arise of what to do with these - communicate them to authors with editorial summing-up / input? Post them to journal website for list discussion?  

As one of the authors I'm completely open here. This round of
submissions was thought as an experiment. IIRC the idea was to use
Toni Prug's ideas for the journal. May be this could be done?

For the tech side of it this should be debated on [jox-tech].



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