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Re: [jox] p2p and market

Hi Toni,

Am 01.04.2012 16:02, schrieb Toni Prug:
I agree with Jacob that Marx's theory of value is the best theory of
value we have. It is a monetary theory since it exclusively uses prices
(quantity of money) to determine values. However, it does not apply to
goods and services that do not have take the form of commodity i.e. that
do not have their value expressed in price. Hence, all the state goods
and services (education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure), a hugely
important development from an egalitarian point of view, which accounts
for a huge part of GDP spending, can not be account for with Marx's theory.

I pointed out that earlier: There is a quite interesting paper by Peter Fleissner "Reconstructing the Economy: A Methodological Journey from the Surface to the Essence and Back" to get those questions embedded into "the best theory of value we have".



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